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Beading machines

Beading machines

Produtech BEADING MACHINES make borders on lots of different materials such us iron, aluminium, copper and stainless steel. They are formed by a strong upper body holding all the machine mechanisms, and a lower body made of welded sheets and allowing to store all the additional rollers. The upper body can be manually rotated on the lower body, for fulfilling the operator’s working needs. The electric gearmotor allows the rollers rotation and is equipped with an electronic speed regulator, so the operator can adjust the roller rotation speed according to his needs. The rollers can rotate both forward and backwards; also, they rotate on bearings instead of bronze rings, so it is possible to reach a high-speed rotation. Produtech beading machine TRIS has 3 working heads, each of them is equipped with a hardened manually-adjustable reference plate. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the upper roller of every head by means of a manual lever: if needed, this adjustment operation can be carried out pneumatically (optional). The upper roller motion is fully driven thanks to tempered rails.

The beading machines are produced with two versions; the first is MONO, with one working head (a couple of rollers), and the second is TRIS, with three working heads. Since TRIS models are equipped with three working heads, they have three couples of rollers with different shapes, for making complex work processes with several stages (like hemming boxes for valves, sheets hemming, tapering and joining tubes and curves, etc.). So, the usage of TRIS beading machines reduces the process time (rollers changes are avoided), and reduces the occupied space at workshop (one machine is used instead of three). The beading machines are available with models 65 and 55, according to the rollers diameter (65 mm and 55 mm). 65-millimitres model processes thickness up to 1.5 mm, while 55-millimitres model processes thickness up to 1 mm.

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