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Coil-punching line ALPI VENTI

Coil-punching line ALPI VENTI

The coil-fed cutting/punching lines of VENTI series are the top-level product range of Produtech. Due to high tonnage, which allows these lines to work with tools up to D station, it is possible to reach high-productivity performances and extreme usage flexibility. The interpolation of the machine movements – sheet advance, transversal motion of the tools units, units continuous rotation of 360° – and the detection of hammer position allow to cut any shapes or geometrical shapes from coils of any metal materials (i.e., iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, etc.) and non-metal materials (i.e., PVC, nylon, teflon, etc.). Also, it is possible to make holes, oblongs and notches – with small or big dimensions – by means of punches or nibbling operations. The punching machine can be equipped with up to 20 tools, in station A, B, C and D, with fast automatic change (less than one second) controlled by the machine CNC. The tools hammer is activated by a reliable latest-generation mechatronic system reaching high positioning precision through a low electric power supply. This system allows ALPI VENTI to convey to the punches only the necessary force for cutting materials (maximum force: 20 tons), thus saving a lot of energy and setting tools within few hundredths of a millimitre. Three couples of rubber-coated rollers are overlapped and motorised, in order to push sheet with a fast advance and without restarts; furthermore, they allow processed-parts automatic unload. Specific forming tools allow to mark processed parts, deep draw, make ribs and small borders, make references for folds. All working processes – also the cutting ones – are carried out with mechanical tools avoiding any fumes and incandescent slags; so, the cutting procedure does not damage the material surface or any protective film. The coil-fed cutting/punching lines can substitute traditional punching lines, cutting lines and plasma-cutting lines, without previously cutting sheets, loading and unloading them from the working area. The lines run without interruptions and without any operator’s interventions, because several programs can be uploaded, the lines are coil-fed and processed parts are automatically unloaded. The usage of linear and torque motors brings high speed, positioning precision, absence of transmissions or wear, and reduced maintenance: all these factors are fundamental for a perfect punch/die match. The cutting/punching lines of VENTI series can be equipped with feeding systems for allowing the user to process high-thickness materials, up to 4 mm.

VENTI lines can be supplied according to two different versions:

  • VENTI A1 (with a motorized opening on the multitool holder).
  • VENTI A2 (with a double motorized multitool holder, suitable for customers that need to use a large tools number).ALPI VENTI
Power supply: 380 V – 50 Hz Three-phase + Ground + Neutral
Motors: Linear & torque motors
Drive: CNC
Tools number: Up to 20; all stations are indexed, with automatic change
Working width: From 500 mm to 1500 mm
Working thickness: Max. 4 mm with carbon steel; Max. 3 mm with stainless steel
Working force: 20 tons
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