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OROBIA coil-punching line

OROBIA coil-punching line

Punching-headOROBIA is the entry-level model of Produtech coil-fed punching lines. This economical, simple and fast line can be equipped with a 20-ton hydraulic system and its maximum working width is 400 mm; all tools are non-indexed. Its main target sectors are the lighting, shelving, electric ducts industries and others. Actually, OROBIA is the best and most economical solution in case the customer needs to produce long and narrow parts without using rotating tools. Coil processing allows to produce details without length limits and to run automatically, avoiding all the complicated loading/unloading operations that are typical of traditional sheets-processing punching lines. Moreover, OROBIA carries out material straightening directly inside the machine, thus notably reducing the overall line dimensions. Producing with cut-to-width coils allows to considerably reduce raw material waste. OROBIA can be connected with some roll-forming machines, in order to start from coils and obtain finished workparts. The motorization is made through brushless motors. The interpolation of the line movements – i.e., sheet advance (by means of overlapped and motorized rubber-coated rollers, which are set at the beginning and end of the working area), transversal motion of the tools- and dies-holding head – and the control of the hammer position allow to cut directly from coil, both in case of metal materials. It is possible to cut any holes, oblongs and notches – with small and big dimensions – by means of tools. A high-precision hammer management allows an optimum usage of forming tools, for producing deformations and small folds during the punching phase, thus preventing the operator from making any restart operations. OROBIA CNC controls the multitool unit, for an overall amount of 10 tools contained in stations A, B, C and D, running with fast automatic change (that is controlled by the machine CNC as well).


Power supply: 380 V – 50 Hz Three-phase + T
Motors: Brushless motors
Drive: CNC
Max. tools number: 10
Max. working width: 400 mm
Working thickness: Max.: 4 mm with carbon steel; Max.: 3 mm with stainless steel
Working force: 20 tons
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