Coil fed laser cutting

Produtech has developed excellent know-how in manufacturing with coil fed laser cutter process, facilitating and speeding up processes.

Produtech has developed a range of coil-fed laser cutting machines, designed to meet the increasingly specific needs of the market. Flexibility is the keyword, in addition to high productivity. The traditional sheet metal laser cutting machines cannot guarantee high performance because they require big stocks and a continuous sheet loading process. 

Coil-fed laser cutting machines, instead, are designed to cut faster due to the continuous and automatic supply of metal material: the processes for uploading raw materials and unloading cut parts are optimized and easier. 

coil-fed laser cutting machine


Produtech coil fed laser cutting machines

Produtech’scoil fed laser cutting machine is called ISEO and two features differentiate it from the rest of the market:

  • It’s specifically designed to cut metal sheets straight from the coil. A coil-fed laser cutting machine is much more efficient than a regular sheet-fed machine and can provide many advantages;
  • It works with an optic-fiber laser source, instead of a CO2 laser.


laser coil fed cutting machine iseo


It’s available in two different series:

  • ISEO A1, the standard series of this model which provides extremely precise cuts, even on small parts;
  • ISEO A2, the best solution for users looking for accuracy while producing parts and high production speed, which is made possible by an additional Xa axis.


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Coil fed laser technology: all the advantages

More advantages are resulting from optic-fiber coil-fed laser cutting compared to the CO2 laser, in particular:

  • The laser allows to cut faster, with greater productive autonomy and higher productivity;
  • The fiber laser requires very little maintenance;
  • The supply of metal material is continuous and automatic, without any operators who periodically load the machine with metal sheets;
  • The processes for uploading raw materials and unloading cut parts are optimized and easier;
  • In addition to coil laser cutting, Produtech implemented its sheet metal laser cutting machines leveraging optic-fiber laser sources. 

Optic-fiber laser is easy to handle, precise and powerful; it requires very little maintenance and so it guarantees significant cost and energy savings. Last, when it comes to very thin metal parts, the fiber laser sparks the cut in a better way and works faster.

Latest generation coil-fed laser cutting machine

Produtech punch laser cutting coil-fed EFFICOIL is the ultimate machine for laser cutting. It combines two different technologies: punching and laser. EFFICOIL has two working heads, perfectly synchronized, which operate concurrently but are completely independent. The electric punching unit works on outlines and deformations, while the optic-fiber laser-cutting unit works on internal and external profiles, with obvious benefits:

  • Precision: EFFICOIL allows to manufacture details with the highest precision;
  • Speed and productivity: the action of punching and laser cutting at the same time allows reduced processing time and, working independently on two different portions of the same coil, increase productivity;
  • Energy and CO2 savings during coil sheet processing: EFFICOIL does not require accessory machines. Plus, EFFICOIL produce very little CO2 and vapors created by lubricant liquids;
  • Raw material savings: thanks to coil feeding and nesting programs, the arrangement of the parts to be produced can be optimized by using a wider initial surface (long coils instead of pre-cut single sheets);
  • Reduction in workspace occupancy: EFFICOIL occupies less space inside the production site; also, using coils instead of single sheets on pallets further reduces the occupied space;
  • Reduction in manpower for loading raw materials: no need to move products away from different machines, collect scraps and place the final products on pallets.

efficoil produtech laser cutting machine

Coil-fed laser vs sheet laser 

At this point, we have a complete overview of the advantages of a coil-fed laser cutter machine compared with a sheet laser machine, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Producing metal blanks using coil-fed laser cutting technology allows for greater material optimization, that will save you money;
  • Reduction of productivity time;
  • Reduction in manpower need;
  • Higher precision of cut.


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