Sheet metal punching machine

Produtech sheet metal punching machines stand out on the market as innovative, highly productive and flexible metal punching solutions.

As a sheet metal punching machines manufacturer, Produtech offer three lines and seven models of automatic and/or CNC metal punching machines. Here they are:

The experience gained through many years of activity allowed us to manufacture sheet metal punch press machines that cut any shape or geometric figure, straight from coils of both metal materials (such as iron, steel, copper and aluminum) and non-metal materials (such as PVC, nylon and teflon). With Produtech sheet metal punching machines there are no limits in the production of holes, slots and notches.



Produtech CNC sheet metal punching machines also allow to mark the processed parts with logos, leaving room for personalization.


Produtech sheet metal punch press machines

Produtech manufactures three different models of sheet metal punching machines.



Versatile and precise, the CNC sheet metal punching machine of the line ALPI guarantees high speed, positioning precision and absence of backlashes and wear: fundamental factors to assure the perfect punch&die match. Also, it requires very little maintenance.

This line includes three series, with different tonnage:

  • ALPI ESA (5 tons)
  • ALPI DECA (10 tons)
  • ALPI VENTI (20 tons)



Simple and compact, the CNC sheet metal punching machine of the line OROBIA is the ideal solution for any client who needs to manufacture long and narrow parts, that do not require rotating tools. Producing straight from coils allows to automate processes, without length limits, and to avoid time-consuming operations for sheet loading and unloading, which are typical of the machines processing metal sheets.

This quick and economical line is available with two series:

  • OROBIA DECA (10 tons)
  • OROBIA VENTI (20 tons)



Thanks to its capability of holding a high number of tools, the sheet metal punch press machine of the line LANDE is the ideal solution for all of those clients who need to implement a wide range of deformations, while optimizing production time.

This line includes two series, with different tonnage:

  • LANDE DECA (10 tons)
  • LANDE VENTI (20 tons)
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