Beading machine

The BEADING MACHINE is designed for beading, ribbing and hemming sheets of iron, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. It is formed by an upper motor body and a lower frame with a tools-holding compartment: the two units are fixed with four knobs, for easily separating the two units in order to transport them effortlessly and for taking the minimum amount of space.

The BEADING MACHINE presents two series, for better satisfying the needs of the different productive sectors.


Produtech’s metal beading machine models

Produtech BEADING MACHINE models are operated by a gear motor controlled by an electronic speed variator, which allows an easy and fast progression in the rollers rotation speed (through a  potentiometer); also, it is possible to make instantaneous inversions in the rollers rotation direction, because the variator automatically checks the motor acceleration and deceleration.

In addition, the use of ball bearings - instead of plain bearings - allows to achieve rollers rotation speed that is almost double in comparison with traditional beading machines.

On each working head, these automatic beading machines are equipped with holding plates of hardened steel that guide sheet during the processing stages, preventing it from getting scratched or cut: for each working head, the holding plates can be adjusted.

The upper roller – operated by means of a manual screw lever (manual version) or a pneumatic cylinder (pneumatic version) – vertically moves on hardened guides, thus keeping parallelism with the lower roller and avoiding "scissors-like" motion.

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