Automatic sheet metal punching machine LANDE

The automatic sheet metal punching machine LANDE is a high-productivity line to streamline and automate the process of creating holes and shapes in various metal materials. With their automated feeding systems and computer-controlled operations, LANDE punching machines offer high efficiency and precision, minimizing human error and maximizing productivity.

LANDE: our series of automatic metal punching machines

The automatic metal punching machine LANDE presents two series, with different tonnages, for better satisfying the needs of the different productive sectors: LANDE DECA and VENTI

Like the OROBIA model, the line is equipped with non-rotating tools and the tools holder can contain a large number of tools (up to 20, in station A, B, C and D); for this reason, LANDE is the best solution for users who need to produce a wide range of deformations while optimizing production times. 

However, automatic sheet metal punching machine LANDE differs from OROBIA, since it has the same configuration as ALPI: both LANDE and ALPI are designed for processing 1500 mm as maximum width (useful/working width).



LANDE offers an incredible array of features, in order to maximize its efficiency and provide every option you need for metal punching. Here are some:

  • Any shapes or geometric figures can be cut out of the coil through the interpolation of all the machine movements (i.e. sheet advancement, transversal motion of the working units and control over hammer position), both in case of metal materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium) and other materials (PVC, nylon, teflon);
  • There are no limits in the production of holes, slots and notches; also, the forming process is made faster by equipping the machine with lots of tools - even with large dimensions (up to D station) - in order to avoid nibbling;
  • The processed parts can be marked with logos, and it is possible to makedeep-drawing, air vents, ribs, small beads and references for folds. All the processes - including cutting - are made with mechanical tools that do not produce fumes or incandescent scraps, so they do not affect superficial finishing or any potential protective films on the processed materials;
  • The tools are operated by a hammer, which is run by a reliable latest-generation mechatronic system providing high positioning precision with reduced electric power. Thanks to this device, LANDE confers to the punches only the necessary strength for cutting the material, with high energy savings and high accuracy (few hundredths of a millimeter) while positioning tools;
  • Linear and torque motors assure high speed, positioning precision and absence of backlashes and wear, as well as minimum maintenance.

Automatic sheet metal punching machine LANDE

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