Sheet metal laser cutting machine

Ever since 1993, Produtech has been able to perceive the market’s needs and develop an excellent know-how in manufacturing with metal coil feeding. Specifically, Produtech applied coil feeding to sheet metal laser cutting machines.

One of the many demands of the market consists in having extremely flexible systems, in addition to high productivity: this productivity rate is not guaranteed by the traditional sheet metal laser cutting machines, which require big stocks and a continuous sheet loading process.

So, the need for maximizing the production, making it faster and completely automated, fueled our progressive specialization in designing, implementing and marketing systems for processing metal coils.


Sheet metal laser cutting machine

The advantages of coil laser cutting machines

There are many interesting advantages resulting from coil laser cutting:

  • The laser allows to cut faster, with greater productive autonomy and higher productivity
  • The fiber laser requires very little maintenance
  • The supply of metal material is continuous and automatic, without any operators who periodically load the machine with metal sheets
  • The processes for uploading raw materials and unloading cut parts are optimized and easier

In addition to coil laser cutting, Produtech implemented its sheet metal laser cutting machines leveraging optic-fiber laser sources.


coil laser cutting


Fiber laser is easy to handle, precise and powerful; it requires very little maintenance and so it guarantees significant cost and energy savings. Last, when it comes to very thin metal parts, the fiber laser sparks the cut in a better way and works faster.

Produtech manufactures the line ISEO, which is available in two series A1 and A2: it is the ideal solution for users who need extreme working precision and production speed.

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