Sheet metal punching and laser cutting machine manufacturers

Produtech is a metal punching and laser cutting machine supplier, specialized since 1993 in the manufacturing of coil-fed machines.

Thanks to its innovative approach, Produtech was able to understand the market’s need for more flexible and productive lines; for this reason, the company decided to manufacture machines with a coil-fed processing mode, rather than the traditional metal sheet feeding.


Coil feeding


Why? Because coil feeding allows for tremendous advantages, making it a more convenient choice, if compared with sheet feeding:

  1. First of all, you optimize the use of material. You can purchase raw material at lower costs and you’ll handle less waste material thanks to nests. This allows you to reduce production costs.
  2. Then, having a complete and automatic line, you don’t need to keep loading and unloading the machine with metal sheets; which means that you cut on time tremendously, making the production much faster.

So, compared to a traditional sheet-fed machine, our coil-fed machines allow you to get the same amount of parts with less money and time.


Sheet metal punching machine manufacturer

Produtech manufactures three different models of sheet metal punching machines:

Each of them has a different application, but they are all innovative, flexible and highly productive.


Discover more about Produtech's activity as a sheet metal punching machine manufacturer.

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Sheet metal laser cutting machine manufacturers

Produtech also manufactures a laser cutting machine, called ISEO. The optic fiber laser technology allows the laser cut operations to be easily carried out, with a consistent reduction in maintenance costs and energy consumption.


Sheet metal punching and laser cutting machine manufacturers: combined line

Produtech went a little further and, relying on its experience and strong technological expertise, manufactured a punching and laser cutting combined line. A unique machine combining a punching unit and a laser cutting unit inside a single line. Both units are completely independent and perfectly synchronized.


Combined line


This machine is the ultimate gem of Produtech’s production, because it allows to save money, time and also space: EffiCOIL machine takes up the space of a single machine, even though it carries out two different processes.

The incredible potential of this machine was also ratified by the European Commission that allocated funds from the program Horizon 2020 to allow us to manufacture the very first machine of this incredible model.


EFFICOIL - Horizon 2020


Every machine is unique and completely personalized, according to the single client’s needs.

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