The company is established by Mr Fabrizio Mologni. Produtech S.r.l. is based in San Paolo d’Argon (Bergamo) and operates in the sector of industrial automation: the company collaborates with important industrial groups, both national and international.

Following these events, Mr Mologni catches a specific market need for extremely flexible lines, with high productivity: such flexibility is not allowed by the traditional sheets-fed lines, which require large stocks and continuous sheets loading on the machine.

From that moment on, the company starts specializing on the design, production and sale of lines aimed at sheet processing through coil feeding.


Launch of the first coil-fed punching line on the Italian market, ALPI ESA model.


Launch of the coil-fed ALPI DECA punching line on the Italian market.


Following the positive results gained on the national market, an expanding sales strategy is implemented, leading to the installation of Produtech lines in Spain, Russia and Poland.


From this moment on, Produtech commercial expansion proceeds steadily and incrementally: the presence in exisiting markets is strengthened and new markets are penetrated (Germany, Croatia, Switzerland).


Launch of the coil-fed punching line ALPI VENTI.


Produtech starts producing lines that match coil feeding and fiber-laser cutting technology: the first coil-fed fiber laser line is launched, ISEO A1 model.
The Slovenian market is entered. Following the positive sales results obtained in the nearby countries, the company takes a further step towards markets outside the EU: Produtech lines are installed in India and Australia.


Produtech enters the Ukrainian market.


New markets are penetrated: USA, Romania.


Produtech enters the Czech and Austrian markets.

Launch of coil-fed fiber laser line ISEO A2, with additional axis.



New markets are penetrated: Qatar, South Korea.


The company headquarters is moved to Albano Sant’Alessandro (Bergamo).


Launch of the combined solution EffiCOIL: the line includes a punching unit and a laser cutting unit working inside the same coil-fed machine.

New markets are entered: Denmark and China.

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