Coil processing: insights and techniques

Produtech has been able to answer the market’s needs, thanks to the intuition that coil processing, compared to the traditional sheet metal processing, has more incredible advantages. Let’s take a look here at all the pros of coil processing.

Coil processing has a long list of advantages that make this kind of supply much more convenient than the traditional sheet metal processing, specifically from two main standpoints: higher saving of raw material and higher production speed.

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What is coil processing?

Coil processing machines allow cutting on raw material, optimizing its use: thanks to the nesting of the figures on coils without a length limit, we can produce a higher number of pieces than if we were working with previously cut metal sheets, reducing waste by 20-30%. Less waste and more pieces produced: with the same surface area, the coil nesting allows to make better use of the raw material available.

This implies two great advantages:

  • The first is to be intended in terms of time saved, considering that you don’t need any extra time to cut the metal coil into sheets;
  • The second one is in regard to how much money is saved, considering that coils have a lower cost than metal sheets.

Therefore, coil processing allows to reduce waste material and purchase costs, while increasing productivity in terms of the number of pieces produced.

coil processing

Coil processing

Thanks to the automatic feeding system, coil processing allows a highly increased production speed. Coil processing doesn’t require constant loading and unloading operations of metal sheets into the machine, which causes a great cut in regards to the time needed to load and unload raw material.

Besides being extremely more effective, coil processing is also more sustainable than the traditional sheet metal processing, because it allows to use less raw material and it requires to change wearable pieces with a lower frequency, thanks to direct-drive engines.

How are steel coils processed?

Steel coils must undergo a multi-step procedure to ensure the quality and polyvalence of their intended applications. 

  • Firstly, raw steel is purified, melted, and alloyed to achieve the desired properties. 
  • Then, is the turn of the hot rolling process where molten steel is formed into a continuous slab and rolled into thin sheets exposed at high temperatures. 
  • These rolled sheets can undergo further processing, such as cold-rolling to achieve tighter tolerances and better finishes. In order to shield the sheets and enhance their corrosion resistance, it is possible to coat them with zinc.
  • After rolling and finishing, the sheets are coiled up

Throughout the entire coil processing procedure, quality checks are carried out to ensure the steel meets specific industry standards.

Coil processing lines

Produtech’s coil processing lines work automatically on the entire productive cycle, from raw material to the finished piece, without the constant supervision of an operator or the need to manually reposition the pieces from a machine to another.

This implies a higher level of automation and performance of the productive processes, with less need for either economic or manpower resources in order to carry on with production.

Also, coil processing implies a reduction in terms of hazardous emissions: Produtech’s coil processing lines do not emit CO2 and operate in almost complete absence of fumes generated by liquid lubricants.

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coil processing

Produtech coil processing solutions

Produtech, thanks to its knowledge and exclusive technological know-how, was able to perceive the great potential of coil processing, which is exactly why it chose to make this kind of processing the number one peculiarity of its machines.

All of Produtech’s machines are manufactured with the specific trait of processing coil, and not metal sheets. A characteristic that makes them unique and very competitive on the market.

Coil processing equipment manufacturers

Specifically, Produtech manufactures:

Each one of these machines can be completely customized, according to the client’s specific production needs, and it’s perfectly equipped to allow the automatic production of pieces through coil processing.

Coil processing services

Produtech is a leading company in the coil processing sector. We offer a broad range of customized services that can meet the most demanding requests of our customers. We are not just counselors, but we provide advanced equipment to reach high precision cuts and intricate designs with various materials. 

Produtech’s machinery can deal with different types of coil thicknesses and widths, ensuring the utmost versatility. But Produtech is also Customer Support, training, maintenance, and consulting services to ensure the best possible approach to every single project.

If you’d like to know more about our coil processing machines, we invite you to read the insights listed below. Enjoy your reading!

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