The advantages of coil-fed laser vs sheet laser

Coil-fed laser processes maximize the speed of the production cycle. Compared with traditional sheet laser machines, coil-fed laser systems avoid material loading and unloading times, thus realizing the highest possible output. Cycle times are lower and consequently so is the total cost of processing, benefiting profit.

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Coil-fed laser systems by Produtech for sheet metal processing started from fully automated solutions to unloading and sorting of parts. In the first case, once the coil is loaded, the work cycle takes place in complete autonomy freeing the operator who can also follow different production systems. A further solution that, combined with the previous benefits, makes Produtech coil-fed laser production systems much better than sheet laser’s.


coil fed laser machine


Coil-fed laser vs sheet laser technology: the differences

The main difference between coil-fed laser cutting and sheet laser cutting lies mainly in the type of machine feeding. In the former case, the machine is fed directly from the coil and thus does not require loading and unloading. 

In the case of replenishment from a sheet, on the other hand, it is necessary to purchase pre-cut sheets and perform the feeding of the laser cutting machine by loading the feed mouth. 

The advantages of coil-fed laser

Coil-fed laser technology provides great savings in terms of time and cost, since no prior slitting operations are needed to cut the coil into sheets, and, in addition, the coil has a lower purchase price than pre-sectioned sheets. 

In addition, processing from coils, compared with sheet lasers, increases production speed. Equipment for processing sheet metal from coil allows the entire production cycle to be carried out automatically, from raw material to finished part, without operator oversight and without the need for manual repositioning to move workpieces from one machine to another.


Coil-fed laser systems by Produtech

Produtech specializes in the design of coil-fed laser machines. In its range of coil-fed metal laser cutting machines we find two models, plus a combined punching and cutting line:

  • Coil-fed laser machine ISEO A1;
  • Coil-fed laser machine ISEO A2;
  • EffiCOIL punch laser machine.


ISEO A1 coil-fed laser machine

Coil-fed laser machine ISEO A1 is fully enclosed in observation of current laser regulations. At the operational level, the working mode involves coil feeding, which is handled in interpolation with the transverse axis of the cutting head. Cutting is done by bands of varying lengths, usually in 500-mm bands. Within these bands, all the necessary cuts are completed without any problems of restarting, even in the case of details with a pronounced length. 


ISEO A2 coil-fed laser machine

ISEO A2 coil-fed line is designed for customers who require extreme precision on product details and high speed in production: this is made possible by the additional Xa axis, which diversifies this series from ISEO A1 machines.


EffiCOIL punch laser machine

efficoil laser cutting machine

Punch-laser machines, by accommodating two technologies (punching and laser cutting), manage to provide exceptional flexibility, lending themselves to two types of processing. The two working heads, perfectly synchronized, operate simultaneously but are completely independent. The electric punching unit handles punching and forming operations, while the fiber laser cutting unit produces all cutting operations.

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