Steel coil cutting machine

Coil processing equipment is needed in basically all metal processing industries, including stainless steel. Produtech offers four different lines of steel coil cutting machines plus a combined machine to achieve the highest productivity and eliminate the downsides of traditional sheet metal machines.



Used in various sectors, steel coils are rolls of sheet metal that must be processed through the use of quality slitting, cutting and shearing machines.

Produtech’s know-how has given birth to different types of steel coil cutting machines to ensure the utmost degree of precision:

ISEO A1 and ISEO A2, steel coil cutting machines with fiber laser

Produtech ISEO line includes two models of coil straightening cutting machines, differing for the Xa axis that makes the ISEO A2 faster than the ISEO A1.

Both machines work with fiber laser technology and just need little maintenance, while ensuring the highest precision in cutting various kinds of metals, including steel coils.


ALPI, a versatile line of steel punching machines

High speed, positioning precision and absence of blacklashes and wear are the main advantages of the ALPI punching machines.

This line includes three machines with different tonnage:

  • ALPI ESA – 5 tons
  • ALPI DECA – 10 tons
  • ALPI VENTI – 20 tons



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LANDE, highly productive steel coil cutting machines

The LANDE line includes two models of automatic metal punching machines with different tonnages:

  • LANDE DECA – 10 tons
  • LANDE VENTI – 20 tons

Both steel coil cutting machines are equipped with non-rotating tools. In addition, the tools holder can contain up to 20 tools in station A, B, C and D, making LANDE the best solution for those who need to produce a wide range of deformations while optimizing production times.


OROBIA, a compact steel coil cutting machine

If you need a steel coil cutting machine that is economical, simple and fast, the OROBIA line is the best choice you can make. It is composed of:

  • OROBIA DECA – 10 tons
  • OROBIA - VENTI – 20 tons

This line is more compact than the ALPI and LANDE models, because materials straightening is made by the main machine, without accessory straightening machines. 

The main advantages of these coil cutting machines can be summed up as follows:

  • reduced space occupancy at workshop
  • huge reduction in terms of raw material scraps due to with cut-to-length coils production 



EffiCOIL, the culmination of the Produtech technology

EffiCOIL is a steel coil cutting machine that combines two different technologies: punching and laser cutting.

Although these two working heads are perfectly synchronized and operate simultaneously, they are completely independent. That is, while the electric punching unit works on outlines and deformations, the optic-fiber laser-cutting unit works on internal and external profiles.

Among the advantages brought by this steel coil cutting machine, we can mention:

  • flexibility
  • cost, time and space saving
  • higher speed and productivity
  • maximum precision


The innovation of EffiCOIL has also been recognized by the European Commission, that financed the design and the production of the first prototype through the Horizon 2020 project funds.


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