Sheet metal coil cutting machine

Produtech was able to foresee the potential of cutting metal straight from coil, instead of the traditional sheet, and is therefore specialized in the manufacturing of technologically advanced, highly productive and flexible coil cutting machines.

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A sheet metal coil cutting machine offers many advantages that make cutting from coil a much more advisable choice, than cutting from metal sheet. Find out on this page:


Produtech’s models of coil cutting machine

There are two ways in which you can cut metal coils: through laser cutting and through punching, which is basically a mechanical cut. Produtech’s many years of experience have allowed it to expand its production offer so that now it manufactures many different models of coil cutting machine, both laser cutting and punching machines.

Moreover, Produtech has realised EFFICOIL, a coil-fed combined laser-punching machine, equipped with two independent working heads (electric punching unit and optic-fiber laser cutting unit) running together, thanks to an innovative electronic system: the units are perfectly aligned and run on the same work area, with the highest precision and speed, and the most savings of time and money.


Laser coil cutting machines

Produtech manufactures one model of laser coil cutting machine, the model ISEO, which is fiber laser sourced. Fiber laser, compared to CO2 , is easy to handle, precise and powerful, it requires very little maintenance and so it guarantees significant cost and energy savings. Also, when it comes to very thin metal parts, the fiber laser sparks the cut in a better way and works faster.


iseo punching machine


ISEO laser coil cutting machine is available in two series A1 and A2: it is the ideal solution for users who need extreme working precision and production speed. The lines provide further productive advantages, for example in case of low thickness: in this case the fiber laser better triggers the cutting activity and runs faster. 

In conclusion, this sheet metal coil cutting machine improves processing by cutting faster than punching machines and with a productive autonomy, thanks to continuous feeding, reduced maintenance needs and working time.


coil cutting machine


Punching coil cutting machines

Produtech manufactures three models of punching coil cutting machine:

alpi produtech ALPI: the sheet metal coil cutting machine ALPI is innovative, flexible and has very high productivity rates. The interpolation of all the machine’s movements allows to cut any shape or geometric figure straight out of coil, without the production of any fumes or incandescent scraps, thanks to its mechanical tools. ALPI assures high speed, positioning precision and absence of backlashes and wear, and needs very little maintenance. It also counts three series, all with different tonnages, for better satisfying the needs of different productive sectors: ALPI ESA, DECA and VENTI.


orobia produtechOROBIA: amongst Produtech’s range of sheet metal coil straightening cutting machines, OROBIA is definitely the most compact, economical, simple and fastest. The coil straightening process is made by the main machine, without accessory straightening machines, which considerably reduces the space it occupies inside the workshop. OROBIA is the best solution in case of long and narrow parts, for which rotating tools are not necessary, because coil feeding allows automatic production without length limits. OROBIA presents two series with different power: OROBIA DECA and VENTI.


landeLANDE: this automatic coil cutting machine is a high-productivity line. Such as the OROBIA model, LANDE is equipped with non-rotating tools and the tools holder can contain a large number of tools (up to 20, in station A, B, C and D); for this reason, LANDE is the best solution for users who need to produce a wide range of deformations while optimizing production times. This coil cutting machine presents two series, with different tonnages: LANDE DECA and VENTI.


coil cutting machine


Combined laser coil cutting and punching machine

At the top of the range manufactured by Produtech, we find EFFICOIL, a combined punch laser machine. This combined line holds two different technologies (punching and laser cutting), guaranteeing excellent flexibility and allowing two different types of processes.


efficoil produtech laser cutting machine


The two working heads, perfectly synchronized, operate simultaneously but are completely independent. The electric punching unit works on outlines and deformations, while the optic-fiber laser-cutting unit works on internal and external profiles. Together, these two working heads allow to get a combined process in a short time, without having to give up on precision.


The advantages of a coil cutting machine

A coil cutting machine allows you to:

  • Optimize the use of material. You can purchase raw material at lower costs and you’ll handle less waste material thanks to nests. As a result, a sheet metal coil cutting machine allows you to reduce production costs.
  • Optimize production time. Having a complete and automatic line, allows you to stop wasting time loading and unloading the machine with metal sheets; which means that you cut on time tremendously, making the production much faster.
  • Energy Saving. During coil sheet processing, the coil cutting machine does not require accessory machines (for example, machines for moving and uploading single sheets).
  • Reduction in work space occupancy: compared to the traditional lines for processing single sheets, our sheet metal coil cutting machine occupies less space inside the production line; also, using coils instead of single sheets on pallets further reduces the occupied space.

So, compared to a traditional sheet-fed machine, a coil-fed cutting machine allows you to get the same amount of parts with less money and time.


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