Coil cutting: how it works, advantages and related machinery

Coil cutting is a process that does not involve the use of a metal sheet, with resulting savings in time and money. Let us see how this technique works, what the advantages are, the related machinery, and why you should choose coil cutting for your company. 


Coil cutting: a brief explanation

Coil cutting is a metal cutting process that consists of feeding the machine from the coil and not from metal sheets. Processing from the coil requires specially designed machines, an investment that leads to substantial time and money savings in the medium to long term: by feeding from the coil, the machine works without interruption for several days. In coil cutting, the coil-fed machine unrolls the coil and performs the cutting in the same process, producing the semi-finished or finished part, ready to move to the next step in the assembly line.


coil cutting


How coil cutting process takes place

Coil cutting occurs in several stages:

  1. First, the coil roll is placed into the machine entry opening;
  2. The interpolation with the transverse axis of the cutting head makes possible the progression of the sheet metal inside the machine;
  3. At this point, coil cutting is done by bands of varying lengths, usually in 500-mm bands;
  4. Within these bands, all necessary cuts are carried out without interferences, even in the case of details with a pronounced length. 
  5. Eventually, the machine outputs the semi-finished or finished item.

The process of cutting itself works by passing a targeted and precise laser beam through the material to be processed. Laser optics and CNC (computer numerical control) are used to address the laser beam generated. A material-cutting laser uses a motion control system to follow a CNCcode of the model to be cut on the material. The laser basically melts the material on which it is directed, so the concept is more similar to fusion than to the actual cutting in a traditional way. This means that the cut can be easily done from lightweight materials such as fabrics, to stronger metals and precious stones such as diamonds.

As the machine is equipped with a laser, the working area is fully enclosed, according to current safety regulations. Coil cutting improves sheet metal processing by cutting faster than punching machines and with significant production autonomy due to continuous feeding, reduced maintenance requirements, and optimized unloading of cut parts.


The pros and cons of coil cutting

Cutting from the coil does have numerous advantages. Even if the purchase of a coil cutting machine requires a greater investment, this is widely paid off in the medium to long term. It may be seen as an initial disadvantage; actually, we know that without investment in new technology, companies would not grow. 

Here is a list of pros why you should choose coil cutting technology:

  • Metal sheet feeding takes place constantly and automatically, no need to recharge the metal sheet fold.
  • Optimal and flexible management of sheet metal loading and unloading - you decide when the machine should stop working, not the lack of metal sheets.
  • Increased production speed - due to the automatic feed, the production doesn’t have to be stopped from time to time.
  • Work time-saving and consequently less manpower.
  • Less clutter - one machine can do the work of two or more machines.
  • Coil costs definitely less than precut metal sheets.


Insights and techniques of optical-fiber laser coil cutting

Produtech’s coil cutting process uses optical fiber laser technology to cut. Compared to the CO2 laser, optical fiber has many pros. In particular, fiber lasers require less maintenance and produce more precise outputs. 

How does laser cutting work? In fiber laser cutting machines, cutting is done by transmitting the energy beam directly from the diodes and fiber cables. Due to its reduced wavelength, it has better beam absorption of the cut material, allowing the cutting of metals such as brass and copper.

With a wavelength of just 1,064 micrometers, fiber laser cutting machines produce an extremely low cutting point (up to 100 times smaller than CO2) making it ideal for cutting reflective metal material. This is one of the main advantages of fiber over CO, along with reduced processing time, minimal maintenance, and increased productivity at equal cost.


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Produtech: coil laser cutting supplier

Produtech is a supplier of coil laser cutting machines. Operating throughout the European and North American markets, we aim at helping companies achieve high production standards, reducing costs through the adoption of metal processing. Coil cutting is specifically suited for several industries:

  • Automotive industry;
  • Die, mold, and tool industries;
  • Jewel industry;
  • Medical devices manufacturing;
  • Ceramic and silicon manufacturing.

The related machinery

Produtech specializes in coil cutting processes by developing state-of-the-art coil cutting machines. Our lines, ISEO A1 and ISEO A2 use optic-fiber laser technology to output finished or semi-finished products. Another highlight of the company is the punching laser cutting machine EffiCOIL, which combines coil punching and cutting in the same process. As anticipated, laser coil cutting machines are designed to cut faster due to the continuous and automatic feeding of metal material: the processes of loading raw materials and unloading cut parts are optimized and simpler. 

Coil straightening cutting machine 

Our coil straightening cutting machines can produce by feeding directly from steelworks coils, with variable width dimensions and the absence of linearity (sabers).Thanks to the automatic coil centering system with controlled detection of its width and feed system through special pliers that ensure a linear advancement of the coil under the fiber laser cutting station.

Is it possible to cut steel from the coil?

Produtech supplies equipment for steel and stainless coil cutting. This material demands specific know-how because of its hardness, which requires specific parameterization of the optical laser and the machine. Thanks to the versatility of the coil machine, even steel can be easily formed. Especially in the case of this metal, the cost has central importance: steel and stainless steel coils cost less than sheets of the same material. 


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