Coil Line

Produtech presents a complete and customizable laser coil line, the result of a technical and unique know-how.

Coil lines serve multiple purposes, as they:

  • Automated production
  • Speed up processes
  • Optimize longer and more complex operations.

Produtech offers a dedicated laser cutting line along with a combined line where the benefits of punching merge with those of laser cutting in a single machine.

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Our Coil Line For Laser Cutting

The machines of Produtech’s ISEO line for laser cutting are versatile and capable for a high-productivity context




ISEO A1 is the standard version for coil laser cutting produced by Produtech.

This machine features a fully enclosed working area, adhering to current construction and safety standards for lasers. Operationally, ISEO A1 functions similarly to our punching machines: the sheet metal progressively advances in coordination with the cross-axis of the cutting head.

Cutting is performed in variable length strips (from 500 mm to 1,500 mm) within which all necessary laser processing is carried out, even for particularly long details.

The fiber laser has a power rangefrom 0.4 kW to 4 kW, depending on the thickness to be processed (up to a maximum of 4 mm).


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ISEO A2 is a machine from the laser cutting coil line designed for users who are looking for accuracy.

Two distinctive features of this Produtech solution are attention to detail and high production speed rate. This result was possible thanks to the integration of an additional Xa axis, a component that brings a significant difference compared to ISEO A1 in terms of precision.

In this case, cutting occurs in variable length strips (from 500 mm to 1,500 mm), as well. Like in the ISEO A1 model, the fiber laser power ranges from 0.4 kW to 4 kW, based on the thickness of the metal coil processed which can be 4-millimeter thick


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EffiCOIL: Our Combined Line


Produtech has developed a coil line that combines the advantages of punching and laser cutting machines. This piece of equipment is ideal for achieving results that ensure flexibility and the reduction of coil sheet metal processing time.

EffiCOIL is equipped with two compact and independent working heads. The punching unit and the laser cutting unit operate synergistically thanks to an innovative electronic system.

Thanks to the interpolation of the operational axes, EffiCOIL performs cutting, punching, and molding of any shape or geometric figure from the coil of sheet metal.

Suitable for the most diverse applications, this combined coil line presents countless advantages in terms of energy savings, environmental impact and wear resistance.


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The Advantages Of Laser Cutting From Coils

But why should you opt for a laser cutting instead of a punching coil line?

Let’s take a closer look at the multiple benefits of this machinery. 

  • The metal material is supplied continuously, progressively, and automatically. This enhances the overall manufacturing processes.
  • The loading and unloading of sheet metal are optimized, simplifying production management.
  • It significantly speeds operations up, achieving results swiftly, even with the strictest deadlines.
  • Laser cutting also reduces the workforce needed to handle the product as it is all configured through a set of specific parameters, limiting coil displacement.
  • It optimizes storage space, as coils are more compact compared to sheet metal.
  • Coil helps reduce production costs.
  • Produtech machines have fewer mechanical components, ensuring wear resistance and lowering downtime.


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Produtech’s coil lines have been engineered and manufactured to be flexible and adapt to the most diverse applications


Storage Solutions

ISEO A1 and EffiCOIL represent a revolutionary system for storage systems. They can be used to produce silos and tanks for food storage, as their innovative coil feeding system enables them to manufacture more components without length constraints. As a result, raw material can be saved, with a significant cut in waste. 



Produtech coil lines are instrumental for the production of metal furniture and shelving

The ISEO machinery and EffiCOIL are the perfect solution for performing neat cuts on pre-painted and film-covered materials, optimizing material handling processes in logistics centers. 



Produtech coil lines are widely employed in the construction sector for the manufacturing of insulation components, thinsmithery, ducts production, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as metal frames

In this field, laser cutting and punching machines can mold a variety of materials with fewer rotating tools, allowing large-scale production with strict deadlines. 


Metal Containers

Produtech machinery can be a considerable asset in sectors specialized in the production of metal containers and electric cabinets, as they can manage to work with coils with different width and length with zero waste


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How To Maintain Your Coil Line Over The Years

Maintenance is a key element to keep your coil line equipment perform at the highest levels. 

For this reason, there are some regular inspections and best practices to put in place.

  • Firstly, lubrication helps maintain mechanical components over the years. Applying a modest amount of oil with a cleaning cloth on the exposed parts eliminates friction. Remember to remove surplus grease with paper after the operation. 
  • Once the lubricant has been smeared, conduct a few tests to assess if every component operates correctly. 
  • Regular cleaning of the coil line machinery is another essential process. In this case, remove dust, metal shavings, and other debris that have accumulated over time using a dry cloth or compressed air

These simple operations will help you extend the lifespan of your coil line equipment, ensuring consistent, high-quality results.


Entrust Your Coil Lines To Produtech 

Produtech's ISEO and EffiCOIL coil line systems are innovative systems that provide significant operational advantages. Leveraging fiber-optic laser technology and the combination of laser cutting and punching, they guarantee excellent results.

Choosing Produtech machines means:

  • Opting for compact coil cutting lines that ensure uniform and high-quality finished products;
  • Working with various materials thanks to an accessible computerized control panel that allows the input of parameters based on the length and thickness of the coils;
  • Selecting a machine that can adapt to different sectors and applications thanks to a high level of customization.

Trust in Produtech’s experience. Find the perfect coil line to streamline the processes of your industry and manage your resources.


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