Coil punching: how it can simplify your processes

What coil punching is and how it can simplify your industrial process? What are the best tools to use? All you have to know about this process that can speed up your production.

Punching allows the cutting of different types of materials, including metals, textiles, and PVCs. In coil punching, the machine is fed with coils rather than single sheets. This kind of machine feeding has several advantages that we will see throughout this page. Although it is not a complex process, coil punching requires extreme precision in execution and a solid expertise.

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What coil punching is?

The word punching comes from the Latin word punctio, that means to prick. The origin of the term comes from the fact that the material is processed by a tool called a "punch" that impresses a cut, shape or mark. The punching process is used on a large variety of metal materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum) and other materials (PVC, nylon, Teflon). Produtech manufactures high-tech coil punching machines that use a press to force a tool, called a punch, which creates a hole by shearing



How the process takes place

The coil punching process is done by machinery often made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide.

#1 First, the punch is pushed by a press toward the material to be punched. The machine can be fed by metal (or other materials) sheets or from coils. 

#2 Through a mold, the punch pushes and deposits the material inside the mold itself.

#3 To prevent the punch from sticking to the mold, the machine leaves a small amount of space between the two pieces. The required force depends on the thickness, or the hardness, of the material to be punched and the diameter of the hole. According to physics, it is not possible to make a hole with a diameter lower than the sheet thickness. However, today there are some techniques to make under-thickness holes.

#4 At this point the punch is removed and a hole is created. It has a diameter equivalent to the punch, or slightly smaller. All ductile materials stretch to some extent during punching, often causing the punch to adhere to the drilled material. In this case, the punch must be physically removed from the hole. 

#5 Eventually, the waste material from the hole falls through the mold into a specific container.


Why is coil-fed punching better than sheet punching?

The main difference between coil-fed punching and sheet-fed punching lies in the type of feeding of the punching machine. In the former case, the machine is fed from the coil and thus does not require loading and unloading. In the case of feeding from sheet, on the other hand, it is necessary to load pre-cut sheets and feed the punching machine from time to time. 

Processing from the coil increases production speed and allows you to save up to 20% in terms of material and benefit from much higher productivity, since sheet loading and unloading times have been eliminated. In addition, the coil has a lower purchase price than pre-cut sheets. Machinery for processing sheet metal from coil also allows the entire production cycle to perform automatically without operator supervision and the need for manual repositioning. 

Furthermore, thanks to automatic parametric programming, you can program your product families, with their various lengths and widths, using simple Excel printouts. Produtech’s coil punching line can be installed in any production site, thanks to its compactness.

Produtech’s coil punching machines

Produtech made a choice and decided to invest in the manufacturer of coil-fed punching machines, considering this process advantageous for any production plant. As we have seen before, coil feeding allows for substantial savings. 

Produtech's coil punching systems have a compact layout, very similar to each other for lean, sustainable production processes and the highest quality finished products. Processing from coil also allows up to 100% use of raw material by eliminating scrap. Our fully automatic coil punching machines can be installed into any existing plants. Let's look at the main features of each model.


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Coil punching machine ALPI

ALPI's coil punching machine is perfect for maintaining high speed throughout the process and an absence of backlash and wear. This ensures perfect interpolation between punch and mold. It also requires minimal maintenance.

This line includes three models, depending on tonnage:

Coil punching machine OROBIA

Coil punching machine OROBIA is simple and very compact. It is the ideal solution for all companies who need to punch long, narrow workpieces that do not require rotary tools. 

This fast and economical line is available in two series:

Coil-fed punching line LANDE

The LANDE automatic punching machine is the ideal solution for all those customers who need to make a wide range of punches while optimizing production time. It consists of different tools that give it extreme flexibility and versatility.

This line includes two series:

Operation of Produtech coil punching equipment

What are Produtech coil punching machine pieces?



This is the part of the machine where the raw material used by the system, namely the coil, resides. By loading a single strip, the machine can work for hours and even days before loading a new coil, depending on the type of product, material thickness and batch size. When the machine processes parts using the same thickness and strip width, Produtech's system of processing from coil allows it to process one of the following different products without stopping production or wasting material.


CNC feeder

The feeder controls the X sheet positioning within the machine. Dalcos manufactures different types of feeders, depending on the sheet thickness.


Cutting and punching area 

This area houses the coil punching machine, which performs the cutting and drilling operations on the products. Each Produtech machine has features that make it suitable for different applications, with customizable flexibility and productivity. 


Unloading systems

Produtech coil processing systems can be integrated into production lines or as stand-alone machines. Then, once punched, the product can be sent to other machines or stacked for transport to another production area.


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