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Produtech’s punch laser combination machines are one of the most flexible, cost and time-saving solutions on the market for punching and cutting sheet metal from coils. In fact, Produtech EffiCOIL holds two different technologies: punching and laser cutting. 

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Produtech laser punching machine EffiCOIL

EffiCOIL is a machine that combines coil-fed punching and laser cutting. The machine has two separate and compact working heads - an electric punching unit and an optic-fiber laser cutting unit. These working heads operate simultaneously on the same work area with the highest precision and speed, thanks to an innovative electronic system that synchronizes their movements.

As a result, EffiCOIL is a flexible and groundbreaking solution that sets it apart from other coil-fed laser punching machines on the market. With the machine's interpolated working axis, it can cut, punch, and shape any geometric figure or part directly from coil sheet, making it a one-stop solution for manufacturing parts.


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The advantages of punch laser combination machines

Precision, speed and higher productivity, these are the main advantages of a punch laser combination machine:

  • Precision: laser cutting, thanks to the optic-fiber technology, allows manufacturing details with the highest precision.
  • Speed: the combined action of punching and laser cutting allows to reduce processing time.
  • Higher productivity: the punching and the laser cutting units, operating independently and working simultaneously on two different portions of the same coil.
  • Higher productivity: as the punching and the laser cutting units operate independently from each other and work simultaneously on two different portions of the same coil, you can have a great reduction of productivity timing; 
  • Energy savings: our laser cutting machine EffiCOIL does not require accessory machines;
  • Drastic reduction in wearable components, due to reduced mechanical components for conveying motion (motors with direct drive).
  • Reduction in work space occupancy: EffiCOIL takes less space inside the production building; also, using coils instead of single sheets on pallets further reduces the occupied space.
  • Drastic reduction in dangerous emissions: EffiCOIL does not produce CO2 and vapors created by lubricant liquids, thanks to the fiber laser cutting technology. For this reason, it is ideal for cutting a delimited cutting area and reduces the need for lubricating systems (due to the absence of mechanical transmissions).
  • Reduction in manpower for loading raw materials, moving products away from different machines, collecting scraps and placing the final products on pallets.

To these advantages, that are the most immediate, is attached a whole other series of consequent advantages that make punch laser combination Produtech’s highest expertise.



Explore the page dedicated to the EffiCOIL punch laser combination machine to find out all the other incredible advantages.


Some best maintenance practices to extend EffiCOIL’s lifespan

The unique punch-laser combination that characterizes EffiCOIL needs to be adequately maintained in order to deliver the best performance and durability at all times. 

Regular maintenance is essential in order to: 

  • maximize the machine speed rate;
  • preserve the precision in every project;
  • sustain high productivity levels throughout the entire lifespan of the equipment.

Achieving a smooth and accurate performance is possible through the proper cleaning of the laser optics and punching tools with adequate detergents. Another relevant task to fulfill is the calibration of all the laser and punching units and the perfect alignment between the software who regulates all the parameters and its synchronization with the mechanical components of EffiCOIL. 

Time passes by and wear tends to deposit on metallic surfaces, causing friction during daily productive activities. Rust levels should always be checked to avoid unexpected downtime, as well as planning some predictive maintenance procedures to prevent any issue from escalating in your punch-laser combination system. 


EffiCOIL line: how to apply the laser and punch combination machine by Produtech

The EffiCOIL solution combines the accuracy of laser optics and punching revolutionizing industrial production at their core, offering an unparalleled flexibility across different sectors. From the creation and assembly of automotive components to the cutting of precise parts for aerospace technologies, from crafting electronic circuits, and several construction applications, this Produtech punch-laser combination, coil-fed solution is up to the challenge.

Metallic and non-metallic coils are effectively and continuously processed, enhancing the productivity of your plant while significantly reducing waste, in terms of raw materials, energy-saving, minimizing the environmental impact of your activity.

The electric punch-laser combination automates industrial cutting procedures, catering to the demands of the manufacturing market, reaching new competitive heights.


Why choosing Produtech for a punch laser combination machine

EffiCOIL, designed and manufactured by Produtech, is the most advanced punch laser machine available in the market today. This machine offers a high degree of flexibility and customizability, making it suitable for various industries. Regardless of the complexity of the project or the materials involved, EffiCOIL can handle it all with ease, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design.

One of the most impressive features of the EffiCOIL is its automatic processing capability. This means that the machine can be fed with coils, which allows for continuous and uninterrupted processing, leading to significant savings in both emissions and work time. With this innovative feature, you can increase productivity, reduce downtime, and maximize your profits without compromising on quality.

Moreover, the EffiCOIL's flexibility makes it the perfect choice for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. With its customizable options, you can tailor the machine to meet your specific needs and requirements, regardless of the size or complexity of your projects. Whether you need to cut, punch, or form any shape or geometric figure, EffiCOIL can handle it all with accuracy and precision, giving you the peace of mind that you're producing high-quality parts consistently.

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