Sheet metal punching machine

Produtech automatic sheet metal punching machines stand out on the market as innovative, highly productive and flexible metal punching solutions.

As a sheet metal punching machines manufacturer, Produtech offers three lines and seven models of automatic and/or CNC metal punching machines

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Produtech sheet metal punch press machines

The experience gained through many years of activity allowed us to manufacture sheet metal punch press machines that cut any shape or geometric figure, straight from coils of both metal materials (such as iron, steel, copper and aluminum) and non-metal materials (such as PVC, nylon and Teflon). With Produtech sheet metal punching machines there are no limits in the production of holes, slots and notches.

Produtech CNC sheet metal punching machines also allow marking the processed parts with logos, leaving room for personalization.



Versatile and precise, the CNC coil punching machine ALPI guarantees high speed, positioning precision and absence of backlashes and wear: fundamental factors to assure the perfect punch&die match. Also, it requires very little maintenance.

This line includes three series, with different tonnage:

  • ALPI ESA (5 tons)
  • ALPI DECA (10 tons)
  • ALPI VENTI (20 tons)

automatic punching machine

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Simple and compact, the CNC sheet metal punching machine of the line OROBIA is the ideal solution for any client who needs to manufacture long and narrow parts, that do not require rotating tools. Producing straight from coils allows automating processes, without length limits, and to avoid time-consuming operations for sheet loading and unloading, which are typical of the machines processing metal sheets.

This quick and economical line is available with two series:

  • OROBIA DECA (10 tons)
  • OROBIA VENTI (20 tons)


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Thanks to its capability of holding a high number of tools, the automatic sheet metal punching machine LANDE is the ideal solution for all of those clients who need to implement a wide range of deformations, while optimizing production time.

This line includes two series, with different tonnage:

  • LANDE DECA (10 tons)
  • LANDE VENTI (20 tons)


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CNC sheet metal punching machine: all the features

As we said, the CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) punching machine by Produtech is the machine that performs the punching, the operation that consists in making holes and cuts in the metal sheet. Let’s see more specifically how a CNC punching machine works and what are its advantages.

The CNC punching machine has a series of specific tools to perform this technique:

  • the punch;
  • the gripper;
  • the matrix.

The CNC punching process is the best alternative to laser cutting, thanks to:

  • Its balance between price and quality (as long as the geometry of the piece allows it);
  • The possibility to use automatic punching machines with a large range of materials including steel, zintec, galv, stainless steel and aluminum. 

Read more about stainless steel punching machines.


Produtech is among the best sheet metal punching machine manufacturers

Produtech stands out as one of the best sheet metal punching machine manufacturer, renowned for the unwavering commitment to innovation and quality

Our team of experts is specialized in designing and producing state-of-the-art sheet metal punching machines, ensuring a high level of performance, productive efficiency, and extremely accurate outputs. 

Produtech can count on systems boasting a broad set of configurations, making our series versatile and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Among those, you can find:

  • diverse layouts for punching tools;
  • optional bending tools;
  • in-line press brakes;
  • integrated threading capabilities.

Our mission is to deeply understand the demands of our clients through constant feedback and dialogue, guaranteeing tailor-made solutions that can truly cater to their needs. Every Produtech machine is engineered to minimize waste, enhancing the overall speed rate of your productive facility thanks to a fully automated solution combining advanced technology, compactness and performance.


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Benefits of coil punching in metal working

Coil punching is a method of fabricating metal parts using a punch press and coil material. The main advantage of using this method is increased efficiency and cost savings. With coil punching, the raw material is fed into the machine in the form of a coil, which eliminates the need for additional cutting and handling steps. This results in:

  • faster production process;
  • reduced labor costs;
  • a more consistent and accurate end product, as the material is fed into the machine with consistent thickness and width.
  • reduced waste and increases material utilization, leading to further cost savings.

Working from coil also offers the flexibility to handle a variety of materials and thicknesses, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

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