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Our coil straightening cutting machine has a coil centering system that allows you to work without interruptions and imperfections. Learn more.

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When straightening the coil, the goal is to achieve consistent results even when using very different grades of steel. Our coil cutting machines use rotor straightening technology to ensure optimal machining and compliance with applicable standards. We offer a wide range of application-specific systems for efficient material management. Our coil straightening cutting machines meet the optimal conditions for every specific production need because we constantly improve them and build custom components to make them available at different levels of automation.


coil straightening cutting machine


How our coil straightening cutting machines operate

Our cutting machines can work metal directly from the coil. However, to do so, they must have an internal sheet-centering system that prevents any type of error and inaccuracy in the coil cutting. For this reason, Produtech equipped its machines with an automatic system capable both to feed independently by winding the coil from the coil, and centering it for subsequent processing. In this way, the possibility of error is reduced to a minimum, while precision in laser cutting is guaranteed. 

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Why choose a coil cutting machine with an integrated straightening system

On the market, there are single machines that have the task of centering the coil before it is inserted inside the cutting machine. Choosing a coil cutting machine with an integrated straightening system, therefore, means saving both on the cost of an additional machine, and on the space required, while increasing the production speed. In addition, our coil straightening cutting machines allow you to work directly from the coil, bringing advantages: 

  • on saving in the purchase of raw materials;
  • on speeding up production;
  • on easy unloading and reloading of the machine;
  • on labor savings. 


Produtech’s coil straightening cutting machines

Produtech manufactures three lines of coil straightening cutting machines, ISEO A1, ISEO A2, and ISEO 8 kW A2+X2 1600. Each of them is equipped with an integrated straightening system and is capable of working different thicknesses of metal sheets at great speed.



coil straightening cutting machine iseo a1

In this coil straightening cutting machine, the coil sheet advances, and its motion is interpolated with the transversal motion of the cutting head axis. Straightening and cutting are carried out inside bands with variable lengths: each time, all the necessary cuts are made inside the band, without restart issues even in the case of very long parts.



ISEO A2 series can work with extreme accuracy thanks to the integrated straightening system while producing parts and high production speed. It has an additional Xa axis, which makes the series different from ISEO A1 machines.


ISEO 8 kW A2+X2 1600


iseo 8kw a2 x2


ISEO 8 kW A2+X2 1600 is the new frontier when it comes to coil laser cutting machines. This machine has an integrated streghtening system that can work with a metal thickness up to 8 mm. It is equipped with an automatic belt centering system with automatic and controlled detection of its width and feed system through special pliers that ensure a linear advancement of the metal belt under the fiber laser cutting station.


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