How punch laser technology works and best solutions

The combined technology of punching and laser cutting from coil combines several advantages, first of all substantial time and cost savings. Let's see how the process works and which are the best technological solutions to provide it.

Combined punching and laser technology are one of the most flexible, cost-effective and fast solutions on the market for punching and laser cutting of sheet metal. On this page we will see how this technology works and why it pays to rely on a punch laser machine.

How does the punch laser technology process take place?

How does the punching and laser cutting process take place? The two working heads of the laser punching machine, perfectly synchronized, operate simultaneously but are completely independent. The electric punching unit handles the punching and forming operations, while the fiber laser cutting unit produces all the cutting operations. Together, these two workheads make it possible to achieve combined punching and laser processing in a short time without sacrificing precision.

We can sum up the various processing steps as follows:

  • Coil positioning for automatic machine feeding;
  • Setting the punching and cutting parameters via interface;
  • Shearing and deformation of the sheet metal by the punching unit;
  • Cutting operation by the laser unit;
  • Ejection of the processed sheet metal. 



The advantages of using the punch laser technology

Precision, speed and increased productivity-these are the main advantages of the combined punching and laser technology, as well as:

  • Flexibility: the combined action of punching and laser cutting allows any cutting-punching processing to be carried out with a single plant.
  • Time savings: laser cutting provides greater speed than mechanical punching tools. In addition, with the combined punching machine line, there is no need for accessory machines: the whole process takes place in a single machine. 
  • Drastic reduction in CO2 emissions: punch laser machines don’t produce harmful emissions, hence CO2, due to the use of fiber laser technology (instead of the traditional CO2 laser) for cutting operations. It also has a well-delimited working area that allows precise fume extraction and reduced need for lubrication systems. 

Plus, punch laser technology by Produtech is performed working directly on sheet metal by coil. This increases the savings in cost, time, and space needed for operations.


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The application sectors of punch laser technology

The industries that can benefit the most from combination punch technology are many, thanks to the great flexibility of the process. These certainly include:

  • Logistics industry;
  • Construction sector;
  • Storage;
  • Bar processing sector;
  • Metal container manufacturing.


Produtech’s laser punching machine EffiCOIL

EffiCOIL is an innovative and flexible punch laser combo machine, as it allows sheet metal strip to be cut and formed through a single system: the interpolation of the machine's operating axes allows any geometric shape or figure to be cut, punched, and deformed to produce components directly from the roll of sheet metal.



EffiCOIL represents the summa of Produtech know-how and the top of the range of the company's offerings, as it is a laser punching machine that is well suited to the production needs of a wide range of industries, offering a high degree of efficiency with reduced environmental and economic impact.

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