CNC machine for aluminum cutting

Aluminum has definitely become one of the most popular metal choices across all industries due to its physical properties. Despite being strong and resistant, it is easily workable and weldable. However, it also requires proper CNC machines for aluminum cutting. Look on this page all the kinds of CNC machines manufactured by Produtech.

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CNC machine for aluminum cutting


The greatest advantage of aluminum is that it can be machined more than three times faster than other metals such as iron or steel. As a matter of fact, it offers excellent machinability as CNC machines aluminum cutting tools can effectively penetrate it and easily chip it.


Produtech CNC machines: cutting aluminum from coils

Since 1993, Produtech has been leading the market of cutting aluminum and other metal from coils through the development of specifical CNC machines characterized by extreme flexibility and high productivity which cannot be guaranteed by the traditional sheet metal cutting machines.


ISEO, the latest CNC machine for aluminum cutting

The coil-fed ISEO laser series is the latest innovation by Produtech, a CNC machine for aluminum cutting characterized by fiber laser technology

This line includes two models:



It is the standard version of Produtech coil laser CNC cutting machine, equipped with a fiber-laser source power that ranges from 0.5 up to 4 kW and provides precise and well-refined cuts, even on small parts.

Further features of ISEO A1 CNC machine for cutting aluminum include:

  • closed work area as established by the regulations in force about laser safety 
  • work mode similar to that of Produtech punching machines 
  • transversal motion of the cutting head axis
  • cutting carried out inside bands with variable length (in general, 500 mm bands)




If the highest accuracy and production speed are to be reached, ISEO A2 qualifies itself as the most suitable CNC machine for aluminum cutting. The additional Xa axis differentiates it from the ISEO A1, and allows it to reach high production speed.

Other features of this CNC machine for aluminum cutting includes:

  • Power of fiber laser source ranging from 0.4 kW to 4 kW
  • Maximum working thickness of 4 mm
  • Maximum working width of 1500 mm



ALPI, OROBIA, LANDE: aluminum punching machines

Punching machines are included in the circle of CNC machines for cutting aluminum as innovative, flexible, high productive solutions.

Produtech has developed seven models of automatic, CNC machines for aluminum cutting which are grouped into three main lines:


CNC machines for aluminum cutting of the ALPI line

Due to the interpolation of the movements, these CNC machines for cutting aluminum can cut any shape and geometric figure straight out of the coil, without the production of any fumes or incandescent scraps. High speed, positioning precision and absence of backlashes and wear are the main features of the ALPI line, which includes:

  • ALPI ESA – 5 tons power
  • ALPI DECA – 10 tons power
  • ALPI VENTI – 20 tons power



CNC machines for aluminum cutting of the OROBIA line

This series of punching machines is the most compact, economical and also the fastest.

When long and narrow parts are involved, OROBIA turns out to be the best solution. This line includes two CNC aluminum punching machines:

  • OROBIA DECA – 10 tons power
  • OROBIA VENTI – 20 tons power



CNC machines for aluminum cutting of the LANDE line 

Like the OROBIA models, these CNC aluminum cutting machines areequipped with non-rotating tools and the tool holder can contain a large number of tools (up to 20, in station A, B, C and D). The machines belonging to the LANDE line are most indicated for industries that need to produce a broad range of deformations and optimize production times:

  • LANDE DECA – 10 tons power
  • LANDE VENTI – 20 tons power


These coil cutting machines are also suitable for steel and stainless steel.


Beyond a traditional CNC machine for cutting aluminum: EffiCOIL

EffiCOIL is the real top of the range among CNC machines for aluminum cutting. Its great benefits is the fact it combines two different technologies: punching and cutting, while guaranteeing the utmost flexibility.

EffiCOIL allows it to get a combined process in a short time and with the maximum precision.



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