Coil Processing Lines: Discover Produtech’s Whole Range

Research and innovation are at the heart of Produtech’s coil processing lines. An unrivaled offer of punching and laser cutting machines engineered to cater to modern applications, and integrate seamlessly in any industrial context. Discover our whole range on this page!


If you are familiar with coil processing, you are already aware of the pros and cons of both punching and laser cutting operations. 

As punching machines can perforate a metal sheet accurately while ensuring high production rate, laser equipment can realize the most difficult designs and shapes by keeping the edges clean with reduced material waste. 

Produtech offers comprehensive coil processing lines, combining advanced automation with an accelerated speed rate to enhance the overall efficiency of your production site. 

On this page, we will take a look to: 


Our Innovative Punching Lines For Coil Processing

Thanks to a team of skilled experts, Produtech has developed three coil processing punching lines. They can easily handle both metal - such as iron, steel, copper and aluminum - and non-metal materials - like PVC, nylon and Teflon - with variable lengths and widths

Let’s discover these state-of-the-art machines and what they are capable of.




In the variegated realm of automatic metal punching machines, the ALPI model is the epitome of innovation and productivity. This coil processing line has been crafted to respond to the need of precision and high speed rate all in one single piece of equipment. 

With the ALPI series, Produtech has conceived a complete range of machinery, suitable for different applications and tonnages

In fact, it encompasses:

  • ALPI ESA for 5-ton coils, able to deal with the most complex shapes.
  • ALPI DECA, with a 10-ton capacity, can support up to 8 tools for a swift tool change.
  • ALPI VENTI boasts a 20-ton capacity, delivering impeccable products at high productive rates.

All these models can create accurate holes, slots, notches, logos, and ribs respecting the inner properties of the coil they are processing. Their complete set of tools as well as the advanced mechatronic system integrated, allows the operators to set precise parameters based on the material they are working with, carrying out clean procedures free from hazardous fumes or damaging scraps. 

The efficiency and accuracy of the ALPI line are the result of linear and torque motors which ensure excellent performance while significantly minimizing maintenance costs and operations. 


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The OROBIA processing punching line can deal with 10 or 20 tons coils with a maximum working width of 600 mm. Its distinctive compactness is due to the fact that it incorporates a straightening tool, making the solution even more complete. 

It is the right choice for those who are looking for a machine able to manufacture electrical cable ducts, lighting fixtures, and all those products that do not need rotating tools.

The advanced coil-feeding mechanism is automatic, and eliminates the need for the operators to load and unload material manually, as the metal sheetis continuously processed

The OROBIA range presents two other machines: 

  • OROBIA DECA is a CNC punching machine that can work with metal coils with thickness up to 3 mm. It is customizable and has intuitive controls. 
  • OROBIA VENTI has a 20-ton power and has a maximum of 20 working tools that can be adapted based on the type of material. 

Both these models are equipped with a high-precision hammer control that creates grooves, deformations, and small folds during the punching process. In this way, it is possible to avoid additional processing


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Designed to be highly efficient due to the ultimate mechatronic technology, the LANDE automated punching machine is the perfect solution for your business if you want to avoid human errors thanks to innovative features

Like the OROBIA series, LANDE is available in two versions

Both these machines are equipped with non-rotating tools, and they can accommodate up to 20 devices across different stations, enabling them to perform punching and forming operations swiftly.

They can work with 1,500-millimeter-wide coils, mastering a broad range of deformations, such as deep-drawing. Through the entire process, metal and non-metal materials’ surfaces are protected, preserving their finish. 

Another essential feature of the LANDE coil line is its resistance to wear caused by external agents that could compromise the integrity and performance of the machine. 


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Discover The ISEO Line Features For Unparalleled Coil Processing


The ISEO coil processing line encompasses two machines that make the most out of the fiber laser technology. In order to cater to the demands of the current market, Produtech has developed: 

  • ISEO A1, a golden standard for quality and safety. The working space is fully enclosed to protect the operator. Once all the parameters, the model works automatically, making the coil move inside the machine. The fiber laser is optic: this means that there is a lens orientating and concentrating it to perform a precise cut in the right spot. 
  • ISEO A2 features the same features as the ISEO A1, although it is equipped with an additional Xa axis, which emphasizes the overall cutting precision. 

The ISEO processing line can deal with coils from 500 to 1,500 mm long with a maximum width of 4 mm. It can work with diverse metals, such as bronze, copper, brass and aluminum to manufacture products that can be used for insulation and thinsmithery applications. 


The Result Of Punching Going Along With Laser Cutting: EffiCOIL


The EffiCOIL automatic machinery combines both punching and laser cutting functionalities into a single piece of equipment. With two independent working heads, one for punching and one for laser cutting, this system processes coils seamlessly, ensuring synergistic movements and unmatched quality.

The metalworking manufacturing process is streamlined, providing: 

  • the precision only optic-fiber laser can deliver;
  • unrivaled speed thanks to the dual action of both punching and laser technology
  • enhanced productivity to meet the most stringent deadlines;
  • energy efficiency, which has an impact on the company’s overall costs;
  • space-saving equipment that perfectly fits everywhere. 


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