The coil-fed punching machine OROBIA is an economical, simple and fast line, equipped with a 10 or 20 tons system; maximum width is 600 mm (useful/working width) and all tools are non-rotating.

The coil-fed punching machine OROBIA is an economical, simple and fast line, equipped with a 10 or 20 tons system; its maximum width is 600 mm (useful/working width) and all of its tools are non-rotating.

The line is more compact in comparison with ALPI and LANDE models, because materials straightening is made by the main machine, without accessory straightening machines. That considerably reduces the space occupancy at workshop; also, producing with cut-to-length coils (with suitable width) allows a huge reduction in terms of raw material scraps and a further reduction in space occupancy, with optimized production space usage.


When you should consider OROBIA

OROBIA is the best solution in case the user produces long and narrow parts for which rotating tools are not necessary, because coil feeding allows automatic production without length limits, thus avoiding uneconomical interventions for single sheets uploading and unloading that are typical of metal sheets-fed punching machines. For this reason, among OROBIA end sectors there are typically producers of lighting devices, shelving, uprights and electric cables ducts. 

OROBIA model presents two series with different power, for better satisfying the needs of the different productive sectors.


What you can do with OROBIA

This coil punching machine can offer a lot of customization, while still maintaining its core features:

  • Through the interpolation of all the machine movements (i.e. sheet advancement, transversal motion of the working unit and control over hammer position), any shapes or geometric figures can be cut out from coil, both in case of metal materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium) and other materials (PVC, nylon, teflon);
  • Also, the high-precision control over the hammer allows optimized usage of the forming tools in order to produce grooves, deformations and small folds while punching, thus preventing the operator from restarting parts processing;
  • The tools holder is controlled by the machine CNC and can contain up to 20 tools in station A, B, C and D, running with fast automatic change.


coil-fed punching machine OROBIA

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