Coil laser cutting machine ISEO A1


ISEO A1 series is the standard version of Produtech coil laser cutting machine.

As for machine structure, the work area is completely closed as established by the regulations in force about laser safety; in terms of machine operation, the work mode is similar to that of Produtech punching machines. The coil sheet advances and its motion is interpolated with the transversal motion of the cutting head axis. Cutting is carried out inside bands with variable length (in general, 500 mm bands): each time, all the necessary cuts are made inside the band, without restart issues even in case of very long parts.

The fiber-laser source power of this coil laser cutting machine ranges from 0.5 up to 4 kW and it provides extremely precise and well-refined cuts, even on small parts.

Technical data Coil laser cutting machine ISEO A1
Power of fiber laser sourceFrom 0.4 kW to 4 kW
Max. working thickness4 mm
Max. working width1500 mm
Macchine marcate CE conformi alla “Direttiva macchine”
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