EffiCOIL punch laser machine

EffiCOIL is a coil-fed combined laser-punching machine.

The line is equipped with two compact and independent working heads (electric punching unit and optic-fiber laser cutting unit) running aligned, thanks to an innovative electronic system: the units are perfectly synchronized and run on the same work area, with the highest precision and speed.

Therefore, EffiCOIL is an innovative and flexible solution, because it cuts and forms coil sheets within a single line: the interpolation of the machine working axis allows to cut, punch and form any shape or geometric figure for producing parts directly from coil sheet.



The advantages of EffiCOIL laser punching machine

EffiCOIL gathers the whole Produtech know-how and is the top of the company range. This punch laser machine satisfies the production needs of different sectors, offering high efficiency rates with reduced environmental and economic impact. It allows:

  • Energy savings during coil sheet processing: EffiCOIL does not require accessory machines (for example, cutting lines and machines for moving and uploading single sheets).
  • Raw material savings: thanks to coil feeding and nesting programs, the arrangement of the parts to be produced can be optimized by using a wider initial surface (long coils instead of pre-cut single sheets).
  • Processing time reduction, thanks to the higher speed of laser cutting in comparison with mechanical tools punching, the elimination of accessory machines (and the relating processes) and the elimination of the parts intermediate repositioning during the work process.
  • Drastic reduction in wearable components and risk of production downtimes, due to reduced mechanical components for conveying motion (motors with direct drive).
  • Reduction in work space occupancy: in comparison with the traditional lines for processing single sheets, EffiCOIL occupies less space inside the production building; also, using coils instead of single sheets on pallets further reduces the occupied space.
  • Drastic reduction in dangerous emissions: EffiCOIL does not produce CO2 and vapors created by lubricant liquids are almost totally absent, thanks to the fiber laser cutting technology – instead of the traditional CO2 laser technology – ideal for cutting a delimited cutting area (for precise fume extraction) and reduced need for lubricating systems (due to the absence of mechanical transmissions).
  • Reduction in manpower for loading raw materials, moving products away from different machines, collecting scraps and placing the final products on pallets.

The technological value, innovation and environmental sustainability of this laser-punching machine were ratified by the European Commission, who financed the design and production of the first prototype by means of the Horizon 2020 project funds.


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