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Find out more about the broad range of coil-fed laser cutting machines by Produtech - the ultimate technology for high-precision industrial operations. 


Over the last few years, industrial automation has seen an exponential increase in the metalworking realm, especially related to coil-fed laser machinery. Due to recent technological advancements, this revolution has brought several improvements in terms of efficiency, quality standards, and the accuracy of the end product. 

On this page, you will learn more about the coil-fed laser cutting lines by Produtech, and how this technology works.

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Produtech coil-fed laser cutting machine series

Coil-fed laser cutting machinery means versatility, and precise metalworking in a short timespan, even in demanding production settings. Produtech has engineered two lines in order to respond to the market needs and offer the best equipment to fulfill the most difficult projects.


ISEO A1 is the golden standard for coil-fed laser cutting technology. The work area is well-delimited to ensure the operator’s full safety at every stage of the production process. In this case, the metal coil is inserted into the machine, and steadily advances while the cross-axis of the head performs cutting.

ISEO A1 can accommodate coils of variable length (from 500 mm to 1500 mm) and width (4 mm maximum). The fiber-laser power goes from 0.4 kW up to 4 kW depending on the type of metal, and the thickness it needs to deal with, delivering impeccable cuts on the smallest components, as well. 


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If you are interested in executing the most intricate and detailed cuts, the coil-fed laser cutting machine ISEO A2 by Produtech is what you need. 

In a limited amount of time, this highly-productive piece of equipment is capable of delivering complicated designs without compromising the overall quality of the end product. The coil-fed laser cutting advanced technology combines with an additional Xa axis for an accurate piece of work. 

ISEO A2 can operate with 500-mm to 1500-mm-long coil strips that are continuously fed into the machine. As in the ISEO A1 model, it uses a fiber-laser source, a type of technology that is more performing in dealing with vibrations. As a result, cutting operations are neat and highly precise


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The coil-fed laser cutting technology: how does it work?

Mass production is based on a dualistic formula involving speed and quality. In this scenario, the use of coil-fed laser cutting technology can make a significant difference, ensuring constant process thanks to an uninterrupted mechanism that boosts efficiency.

  • It all starts with metal coils. They are seamlessly inserted into the equipment for a precision cutting operation.
  • A powerful laser beam is directed to the metal surface. Precision is guaranteed thanks to the laser technology and the action of the axis. 
  • The coil-fed machine follows the comprehensive parameters set by the operator before the start of the whole procedure that take into consideration the material, the thickness, the width and length of the coil.
  • Cutting systems are dynamic. For this reason, they can manage a multitude of metals with different characteristics. Each strip undergoes laser processing without the need of restarting the machinery as it is continuously fed with coil.
  • Another important aspect of coil-fed laser machines is their versatility. They can be integrated in many different production facilities, avoiding metal sheet handling while reducing downtime, and labor costs without compromising the final output. 


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