If you're in the market for a game-changer in sheet metal fabrication, look no further than MONO 55, one of our top beading machines.

This revolutionary piece of equipment is designed to add strength and rigidity to metal sheets, transforming ordinary flat surfaces into reinforced and visually striking components. With its precision-engineered rollers and adjustable settings, this beading machine allows you to effortlessly create uniform beads, grooves, and flanges on a variety of metal materials. 

If you need a reliable product for this kind of work, MONO 55 offers endless possibilities for enhancing the structural integrity and design versatility of your metalwork projects. Say goodbye to labor-intensive manual bead rolling and embrace the efficiency, consistency, and cost-effectiveness of a beading machine that will elevate your fabrication capabilities to new heights.

This version comes with rollers with a diameter of 55 mm (maximum working thickness: 1 mm).

Technical data MONO 55
Rollers diameter55 mm
Rollers rotation speedMin.: 10 turns/min. Max.: 180 turns/min.
Max. working thickness1 mm
Macchine marcate CE conformi alla “Direttiva macchine”
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