If you're on the lookout for a game-changing solution in sheet metal fabrication, prepare to be amazed by the transformative capabilities of MONO 65. This innovative powerhouse is designed to revolutionize the way you shape and mold metal sheets, delivering outstanding precision and efficiency. 

With its advanced features and customizable settings, the beading machine empowers you to effortlessly create complex profiles, curves, and bends in a wide range of metal materials. This beading machine, typically used in the construction, transportation, or renewable energy industry, opens up a world of possibilities for manufacturing lots of different components for many possible uses.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and welcome the enhanced productivity, superior quality, and cost-effectiveness of MONO 65, that will redefine your sheet metal fabrication capabilities, setting you apart from the competition.

This version comes with rollers with a diameter of 65 mm (maximum working thickness: 1,5 mm).

Technical data MONO 65
Rollers diameter65 mm
Rollers rotation speedMin.: 10 turns/min. Max.: 140 turns/min.
Max. working thickness1.5 mm
Macchine marcate CE conformi alla “Direttiva macchine”
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