Custom solutions for coil sheet processing

Customized lines and lean production: optimized usage of raw material, time and workshop space.

Produtech S.r.l.
Produtech S.r.l. designs and manufactures lines for metal sheet forming.

Expertise, reliability and exclusive technological know-how, together with a great attention for the customers’ needs: these are the enterprise core values, which allowed it to grow and strengthen its global footprint.
In particular, Produtech lines match the laser cutting and/or punching technology with a work mode leveraging metal coils. Coil feeding brings lots of productive advantages that cannot be obtained with the traditional method using single sheets: each line is a unique solution on the market and is customized according to the users’ production needs.
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Custom solutions
Lines are customized according to the customers' needs, in order to achieve lean production and the highest waste reduction in terms of raw materials, time and work space.
Exclusive know-how
Exclusive technology is supplied to customers: the lines quality rate is certified by international patents.
Real-time service
Problems are quickly and efficiently solved through remote service.
Guaranteed reliability
Extreme reliability is guaranteed by using top-quality components.
Coil-fed combined line
The line is equipped with two compact and independent working heads (electric punching unit & optic-iber laser cutting unit) running aligned thanks to an innovative electronic system: the units are perfectly synchronized and run on the same work area, with the highest precision and speed.
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