LANDE VENTI is a powerful and versatile sheet metal punching machine designed specifically for the precise and efficient fabrication of sheet metal components. 

Utilizing advanced mechanical and hydraulic systems, this machine is capable of accurately punching holes, notches, and shapes into various types of metal sheets with remarkable speed and precision. Equipped with a range of interchangeable tooling options, it can accommodate different hole sizes, shapes, and patterns, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

From manufacturing automotive parts to creating electrical enclosures, the sheet metal coil-fed punching machine is an indispensable asset for any metalworking operation, offering enhanced productivity, consistent quality, and significant time savings.

Technical data LANDE VENTI
Power20 tons
Max. working thickness4 mm
Max. working width1500 mm
Max. number of working tools20
Macchine marcate CE conformi alla “Direttiva macchine”
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