Coil Punching Machine

Know-how and high precision are the pillars of punching, a process that enables the cutting of a vast array of materials. On the other hand, in coil punching the machine is supplied with coils instead of individual metal sheets. This allows you to enhance productivityby saving raw materials and, consequently, bringing multiple advantages to your manufacturing.

On this page, you will discover all the lines offered by Produtech: 

Produtech coil punching machine lines

Produtech offers a complete line of innovative and automated coil punching machines which meets your manufacturing needs.

Coil punching machine ALPI


In the fast-paced evolution of the manufacturing world, we need further efficiency and high manufacturing standards. The ALPI range is characterized by high-speed pace consistency throughout the entire coil punching process, without recoiling nor wear. This results in impeccable interpolation between the punch and the mold and minimizes the level of maintenance required. 

Furthermore, you will be able to save time, space and money thanks to coils.

Three are the models included in this line. They are ranked based on tonnage.

Coil punching machine OROBIA


The coil punching machines of the OROBIA series are solid and easy to use. This solution is made for those companies who need to punch for a long lapse of time. This is a compact solution which suits narrow workpieces that do not require rotary tools. 

With OROBIA, you won’t have length constraints and you will significatively reduce the uploading and unloading operations. 

In terms of applications, this is the perfect machine if you manufacture lighting devices, shelving, uprights and electric cable ducts.

There are two models available for this line

Coil-fed punching machine LANDE


The LANDE line has been designed to be versatile and dynamic. If you are interested in an automatized coil punching solution, this is the machine you were looking for. 

This model presents different tools for a number of processes. Therefore, you will enhance your productivity by saving time and resources. 

LANDE is equipped with up to 20 tools in station A, B, C and D. The versatility of the OROBIA model meets theinnovative configuration of ALPI’s machines, designing a high performance machine that can work up to 1500 mm width-wise coils. 

This line has two series, depending on the tonnage: 

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Main advantages of Produtech coil punching machines 

ALPI, OROBIA and LANDE are all coil punching machines, but this is not the only feature they have in common. In fact, they share advantages that can increase your manufacturing pace and productivity while reducing waste and optimizing your internal procedures. 

Produtech has always been committed to finding advanced technologies that can automate your plant in order to make production leaner and safer. 

With our lines, you will be able to:

  • enhance your production operations 
  • reduce the workforce needed 
  • present an extremely precise product as coils are gradually, but consistently fed into the punching machine as well as being equipped with a groundbreaking mechatronic system
  • save on costs, as these models require minimal maintenance
  • reduce raw material waste
  • have a more versatile and dynamic solution which can work with different materials

The perfect maintenance for coil punching machines

Even though coil punching machines require minimal maintenance, it is necessary to perform regular monitoring to check that all the components are working properly. 

  • Lubrication is a fundamental part of this process. You just need a small amount of lightweight machine oil on a cloth to gently rub it over the exposed areas, removing the die from the punch. 
  • After lubricating the machine, use some scrap paper to absorb the remaining oil. 
  • Resume work as usual, making some tests before using the machine as before. 

Produtech coil punching machine supplier

Produtech is aleading supplier of high-quality coil punching machines. Our lines are designed and manufactured to deliver excellent performance and extreme precision during the entire punching operation, handling different types of materials with ease. 

Our models: 

  • can be customized according to our customers’ requirements
  • are certified with international patents
  • have a real-time monitoring control system to determine troubleshooting and immediately solve any kind of problems that could potentially raise. 
  • are dependable, assembled with top-quality materials and components. 

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