Punch laser combination machines

At the top of the range manufactured by Produtech, we find a combined punching machine. Punch laser combination machines, holding two different technologies (punching and laser cutting), guarantee excellent flexibility, allowing two different types of processes.

The two working heads, perfectly synchronized, operate simultaneously but are completely independent. The electric punching unit works on outlines and deformations, while the optic-fiber laser-cutting unit works on internal and external profiles.

Together, these two working heads allow to get a combined process in a short time, without having to give up on precision.



The advantages of punch laser combination machines

Precision, speed and higher productivity, these are the main advantages of a punch laser combination machine:

  • Precision: laser cutting, thanks to the optic-fiber technology, allows to manufacture details with the highest precision.
  • Speed: the combined action of punching and laser cutting allows to reduce processing time.
  • Higher productivity: the punching and the laser cutting units, operating independently from each other, work simultaneously on two different portions of the same coil.

To these advantages, that are the most immediate, is attached a whole other series of consequent advantages that make punch laser combination Produtech’s highest expertise.

Explore the page dedicated to the EffiCOIL punch laser combination machine to find out all the other incredible advantages.

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