Coil-fed laser blanking: how does it work?

Discover how Produtech's coil-fed laser blanking machines work to manufacture excellent quality products.

Nowadays, industries have the urge to have more optimized and high-speed production cycles in order to be successful. A number of activities can be carried out with the help of coil-fed laser blanking machines which maximize productivity while maintaining high-quality standards

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How does the coil-fed laser blanking machine work?

Coil laser blanking is a cutting-edge manufacturing technique. Through advanced coil-fed laser blanking machines, productivity is enhanced and the finished product is more accurate. 

  • Metal coils are straightened out, and are then integrated into a series of phases to improve any defects the coil may present. In this case, the operator does not need to load and unload the coil as the machine is constantly fed with it. 
  • At the center of the system, a fiber-laser source is in charge of processing accurate cutting operations
  • The laser channels energy to the coil, allowing it to cut even the most resistant metals.
  • Coil-fed laser blanking systems produce flat metal sheets from coils, reducing waste and optimizing the whole process. 

These machines benefit manufacturers who deal with large volumes and seek both high performance and versatility in their production lines. The true breakthrough of this technology is the presence of a fiber-laser which is set up toprecisely shape and cut coils.

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The pros and cons of coil-fed laser blanking

Coil-fed laser blanking systems have a number of advantages. Althoughthis machinery is a relevant investment, this can be significantly useful long-term. As a matter of fact, nowadays, investing in innovation and research is instrumental for companies to grow and expand their business

This machine has high standards when it comes to cutting precision. As the coil advances automatically, the cutting operation is carried out inside bands without stopping. This enhances the overall level of accuracy of the machine. 

Due to the fact there is no need of loading and unloading the coil, resulting in more control from the operators’ behalf, less manpower

The fiber-laser technology in the fully automatic coil-fed laser blanking system is vital to enhance productivity by drastically reducing work-time. Another benefit is that waste is minimized during the passage from coils into sheets. 

These laser machines are particularly versatile as they can effectively adapt to different forms and dimensions, meeting the most diverse needs of the market. 

Another important consideration is that the coil cost is inferior to that of pre-cut metal sheets. This leads to raw material savings

Produtech’s line of coil-fed laser blanking machines 


Produtech manufactures a line of coil-fed laser blanking machines with a straightening integrated system - the ISEO range. Each component is produced applying the most innovative technologies. This feature allows these machines to manage different metal sheet thicknesses, dimensions and lengths without compromising the speed of the coil-fed laser blanking process.

Coil-fed laser blanking machine ISEO A1

The ISEO A1 model is the expression of the perfect integration between innovation and flexibility. The cutting operation of this coil-fed laser blanking machine is the result of the transversal movement of the cutting head axis on the advancing coil. The machine is efficient and ensures seamless results with the most diverse lengths. 

Coil-fed laser blanking machine ISEO A2

The coil-fed laser blanking ISEO A2 series brings coils to a new level of accuracy. Its integrated straightening system manufactures high-quality components. This machinery is able to combine functionality and high-speed in order to reach an excellent finished product

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