Punching line for bars

In addition to lines for metal coil sheet processing, Produtech designs and develops solutions for processing copper and aluminium bars.

Starting from the machine for punching bars, Produtech builds customized and integrated lines for fully automated production (from bars uploading until bars picking for bending), with a consequnt reduction in downtime due to repeated restarts of parts processing. 

In particular, the bars punching machine have 40 tons power and can be equipped with up to 20 tools in station B, C and D; also, it can be equipped with:

  • Stock for storing bars
  • Bars loader
  • Fiber laser marker
  • Bars tilter
  • Machining centre
  • Buffer for parts collection
  • Bender with angle control

The line productive process is controlled by a line supervising device, which sorts the work programs, assigns them to each machine and checks the progress of the launched production order.

Technical data Punching line for bars
Power40 tons
Max. working thickness15 mm
Max. working width200 mm
Max. working tools number20
Macchine marcate CE conformi alla “Direttiva macchine”
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