The coil-fed ISEO laser resulted from Produtech know-how on coil sheet processing, gained with the production of automatic punching lines. ISEO increases the application potential of coil sheet processing by means of fiber laser technology

ISEO model presents two coil laser cutting machine series, for better satisfying the needs of the different productive sectors.

In particular, fiber laser lines join the typical advantages of coil processing (high productivity, optimized material usage, better and more flexible control over produced workparts) with innovative specs, like continuous cutting of a wide range of metal materials, including the most reflective (bronze, copper, brass and aluminium).

Also, fiber laser operation is easily carried out: optic paths are no longer necessary in order to lead the ray into the suitable area. So, the laser assembly on the machine is simpler and maintenance costs are eliminated, because focal lenses - which usually get dirty and damaged - are unnecessary. No maintenance involves money savings; in addition, further money savings are allowed by a strong reduction in energy consumption, which is much lower if compared with CO2 lasers.

The line provides further productive advantages, which are less visible but real; for example, in case of low thickness (typical of sectors like insulation and thinsmithery, for which ISEO was initially designed), the fiber laser better triggers the cutting activity and runs faster.

In conclusion, this machine enhances coil sheet processing by cutting faster than punching machines and with a remarkable productive autonomy, thanks to continuous feeding, reduced maintenance needs and optimized unloading of the cut workparts. 

laser cutting machine iseo

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